Our Worship Services

We gather to worship God on Sundays. We have an English speaking service at 11am in the Church Sanctuary, and a Hungarian speaking service at 2pm in the Sanctuary as well. 

English Worship Service

Our English service is a liturgical service, meaning that it has intentional direction. We sing hymns to bring God glory and honor. We pray together- both out-loud and to ourselves- for those who are suffering, for our neighborhood, for our families and ourselves. We read God's Word and hear the Word proclaimed in a message. We offer our whole selves to God's service in response to God's grace. And then we are sent back into the world with a blessing, and a charge to share the good news. 

We love the traditions of our Presbyterian Church, and we also worship in creative, new ways. We combine favorite old hymns with new, world music. We mesh together meditative candles and silence with expressive art and materials. We read the psalms every week responsively and our pastor preaches with enthusiasm and often has us talking back. Our worship is a reflection of who we are as a church.

Below is a sample of our Large Print Bulletin from our English Service.

June 5, 2016

Hungarian Worship Service

Örűljűnk, őrvendjűnk!  Feltámadott Jézusunk van!

Az Ur vár minket minden Vasárnap, 2 órakor a Philadelphia-i Glading Memorial Church szép szentélyében, Magyar nyelvü Isten tiszteletünk keretében.  Hozzuk családot, szeretteinket, barátot; mindenkit szeretettel várvunk. Uri szent vacsora honap elején. Jer testvér, jer.

We celebrate the miracle of our Lord’s love with our time-honored tradition: Hungarian language worship, 2 p.m. on the last Sunday of the month.  Bring family, friends, loved ones.  100 + years of tradition in Philadelphia.

Utirány: Roosevelt Boulevard to the Oxford Circle; St Martin templom-mal szemben a Sunoco benzinkút mellett. Parkolni az utcán lehet.

Rev. Lazslo Ujj in the Pulpit